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Cabin rental in Rondane

Moen Gård at Selsverket in Gudbrandsdalen is run by Hanne Sletten Lie and Frank Turmo. The farm is very old and consists of about 30 old buildings, mostly log houses with slated or grass covered roofs.

A farm in Gudbrandsdalen also has a mountain farm (Norwegian: seter). Mosetra is situated at Mysuseter and was the first mountain farm here. Today Mosetra consists of two new, modern cabins, a log cabin, a log cowhouse, a big log barn, a stable and a log outhouse. It's a mixture of houses, old and new, professionally and esthetically arranged.

In addition to Mosetra, other cottages also belong to Moen Gård. One of these is the cabin Bergetjønnhytta near the beautiful lake Bergetjønn, at Mysuseter as well.

The two new cabins and Bergetjønnhytta are rented out for short and long periods. You can read more about the three cabins on this web site. You can also contact Hanne Sletten Lie and Frank Turmo for questions and booking.