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Cabin rental in Rondane


You book a cabin by choosing “Booking”. Remember to state for what period you want to book. Also tell who you are, how many persons, etc. When booking, please await confirmation from Hanne Sletten Lie and Frank Turmo.

Types of requests:

It is important that you state what type of cabin you want information about.

Cabin(s) wanted:
Mosetra – the big cabin
Mosetra – the small cabin

If a company wishes to ask for information, please write name of company and name of person to be contacted. If a private individual wants more information, you can leave out the “Company” field and fill in your name in the “Person” to be contacted field.

Name of company:

Person to be contacted (this field is required):

E-mail address:


City and postal code:


Telephone number:

Fax number:

Inquiry regarding the period:

Number of adults / children:

Special wishes:

You close by choosing the “Send application” button. The “Reset inquiry” button resets the application form.

Inquiries are sent to Hanne Sletten Lie and Frank Turmo. Every inquiry will be answered.

If you are in any way unable to use this form, you might want to send you inquiry manually using the information on the “Contact information” page.