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About the district


A valley stretching from Lesja in the north to Lillehammer (the winter olympic city of 1994) in the south. The river Lågen is meandering its way through the valley alongside the NSB railroad and the E6. For more information, see Wikipedia.

Rondane - Norway’s first National Park

Rondane was made a national park in 1962, an area 600 million years of age which once rose from the sea. 10 of the Rondane peaks range above 2000 metres a.s.l. Here the legendary Peer Gynt once stalked reindeer and today you can enjoy the hospitality of 3 DNT lodges (DNT: Norwegian Tourist Association); Rondvassbu, Bjørnhollia and Grimsdalshytta. Dørålseter is privately owned. Paths marked by a red T show the way for walks in easy terrain. For more information, see Wikipedia.

Sel Municipality

Centre of the Northern Gudbrandsdalen and has got a large variety of cultural opportunities in addition to Rondane National Park. In 1612, at Kringen, about 300 Scottish mercenaries were defeated by a local army of peasants. The German invasion in 1940 also meant fighting in Sel and neighbouring districts. In 1944 the resistance command of Gudbrandsdalen made its headquarters in a tiny shack called Reiret (the nest) at Selsverket. Most people know the novels of Kristin Lavransdatter written by Sigrid Undset - perhaps the most read novel from the 20th century. Both Jørundgård (the farm where Kristin grew up) and the bronze statue of Kristin can be admired here in Sel. At Selsverket you can visit the Kvitskriuprestene - unusual earth pyramides - the largest in Northern Europe. Also, Sel has the wild river Sjoa, one of the most attractive rafting-rivers in Europe. For more information, see Wikipedia.

More information about what to do and see in Sel and Rondane can be achieved by contacting:

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